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CBS hits America’s Sweet Tooth

get your bake on
Photo courtesy of CBS The American Baking Competition

What do a firefighter, photographer, and homemaker have in common? What about an attorney, advertiser, and home health care provider? No clue? Let’s add a  college student, retiree, project manager, and a baking enthusiast. Now mix in chef Marcela Valladolid, star baker Paul Hollywood, and sprinkle comedian Jeff Foxworthy. CBS found the perfect recipe with these 13 people and created a new series “THE AMERICAN BAKING COMPETITION”.

I  sat down with host Jeff Foxworthy (largest selling comedic-recording artist) and judge chef Marcella Valladolid (host of Mexican Made Easy and bestselling cookbook author) to chat about CBS’ new show “THE AMERICAN BAKING COMPETITION,” premiering this Wednesday, May 29th at 8:00pm.Lunch with Jeff and Marcela

Jeff knows the right things to say to get the bakers stories flowing and sometimes the tears. He shared with us his desire to know people’s stories as the reason for joining the show. He originally turned down the offer, but after watching just one episode of the UK format “THE GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF,” he was sold. Chef Marcela shared with Jeff the secret of bakers: they are givers and their bakes are labors of love. Week after week, as the bakers compete to be the “star baker,” the audience will get a glimpse of their histories, passions, and skills.

When asked if she learned anything new from the amateur bakers, Marcela was excited to share her amazement with flavor combinations and techniques of cooking she had never seen before. One of the most memorable recipes was the Chocolate Chili Cookie. I hope this is a recipe that CBS releases, because it sounds delicious. Jeff and Marcela both shared a fondness for bread week. I have never made bread, but hope to learn a thing or two.

I cannot wait for tomorrow night’s premier. You can catch a sneak peek here.



Happy Christmas in July

So I’m visiting home in the Midwest and this morning I got to compliment my Mom’s on par decorating.

Me: So you did really well decorating for the holiday.

Mom: What?

Me: Christmas in July, you are totally ready for it.

Sweet Smelling Cones
Enjoy the scent of cinnamon all year long.

Mom: Oh, I like my pinecone basket. What you don’t like the deer?

Me: He’s cute, just a little off season.

with Pink Poinsettias
Notice that the Poinsettias are pink from sitting in the sun too long.

Mom: It was Bubbi’s.
(great make me feel guilty because it was my grandmother’s.)
And Tom’s Mom made the mouse.

Me: It has beady little eyes. I feel like she’s watching me pee.

Mom: Tom does too, he turns her to face the door.

Beady little eyes.
This family heirloom stares you down in the bathroom 24/7/365.

So my Mom has a problem totally removing decorations. On any given day growing up, we were usually supporting any American holiday, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, and there was always a plastic egg somewhere. It’s cool. She is just festive.

To celebrate this wintery holiday, I am on the hunt for some Great Lakes Brewery Christmas Ale. More later when we find it. Update: Its been 4 days and we are still on the hunt, I believe that we maybe out of luck and Santa is sitting on a beach somewhere laughing at us.