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Climbing to the Top

How many steps are you willing to take to make it to top? I am talking about to the top of the tallest brick lighthouse in North America. The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in Buxton, NC. You can’t actually make it to the very top, because the last 20 steps are reserved for the coast guard only. You see the old, tall, twice moved tower is still in operation, guiding ships safely through the “Graveyard of the Atlantic.”

So when my family decided we were climbing this guy, I wasn’t too concerned about the 248 iron steps to the top or the 30 mph+ winds that couls rip you off the top. Okay maybe a little concerned, I mean our rental house in Duck has two sets of 14 stairs and the 56 stair round trip is pretty discouraging when all you want is a bottle of water or to find your little cousin. Either way I convinced myself that it was nothing. I have been running 2 miles every morning so take that lighthouse.

I also want to add another honorary 50 steps. Why? Cape Hatteras is a mere hour and a half drive from our quaint beach village and once we arrived another hour and 40 minutes to make the trek. You can occupy sometime in the giftshop or museum learning how they moved the striped giant to save it from being eaten by the ocean. So like I said 50 honorary steps.


The climb itself started off dark and humid. Every 31 steps you reach platform with a window and cool breeze. I quickly passed the first few, but by platform 4 my heart was racing and I thought it might never end. I am pretty sure we made it to the top in inder 15 minutes and the view was fantastic. We all felt as though we accomplished an amazing feat and to tell you the truth the climb was fairly easy. Less than 20 minutes later we were in the car searching for lunch.


Would you make the climb?


Finding the cure for crabs in Nagshead, NC

The outerbanks it’s filled with crabs from the sandy beaches to the steam buckets. When you have had enough it is probably time to make a stop at King Tut’s Weiner Hut. This local favorite has fun dog creations, tasty burgers, and cold beers on tap.

Get out of the summer heat and into this Egyptian paradise. Puss your time with pool, pingpong, Wii, or a plethora of other fun indoor games.

I recommend the fried Guinness dog on a stick or classic chili and cheese dog. Wash it down with a cold OBX or frosty bottle of soda. King Tut’s is my pick for lunch in Nagshead.

Stumbling in and out of Adventure

I have played with the concept of writing a blog for years and could not come up with a clear concept until recently. I admit to being nerdy and doing a little research before jumping on deck, but I didn’t follow the tips I so readily devoured. I wasn’t ready with multiple backup posts and dove off the diving board before I had completed my starting game plan. My splash into blogging was more like a sloppy cannonball than a graceful swan dive. I quickly become overwhelmed by the work and the impending doom of failure.

Then the worse happened.

I missed a day. If I had followed my game plan I would have had a backup post to throw up, no big deal. Unfortunately, that was not the situation. My day became busier and busier and I decided to take a week off to recuperate and prepare some posts. Instead, I avoided wordpress like the plague. I was doing so well writing and creating a community that I couldn’t believe I let myself down. I kept telling myself its just a blog, who cares? I did. I was writing, being creative, getting know people, and learned a lot.

I may have gotten a flat tire, but there is a brand new one now.

I did have time to think about the niche that I want my blog to fit into and it is definitely personal. I want to share my journeys with the world and document them for myself. I truly enjoy writing and hope to hone a skill through Boldwandering. I will touch on travel, food, and life with an over-excited border collie who lives under my couch, but most importantly I hope to have you step in my shoes. I am warning you now I have a lot of them.

My favorite poem growing up was The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost and I still hope that my road is the one less traveled by.

Its All About the Journey