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Stumbling in and out of Adventure

I have played with the concept of writing a blog for years and could not come up with a clear concept until recently. I admit to being nerdy and doing a little research before jumping on deck, but I didn’t follow the tips I so readily devoured. I wasn’t ready with multiple backup posts and dove off the diving board before I had completed my starting game plan. My splash into blogging was more like a sloppy cannonball than a graceful swan dive. I quickly become overwhelmed by the work and the impending doom of failure.

Then the worse happened.

I missed a day. If I had followed my game plan I would have had a backup post to throw up, no big deal. Unfortunately, that was not the situation. My day became busier and busier and I decided to take a week off to recuperate and prepare some posts. Instead, I avoided wordpress like the plague. I was doing so well writing and creating a community that I couldn’t believe I let myself down. I kept telling myself its just a blog, who cares? I did. I was writing, being creative, getting know people, and learned a lot.

I may have gotten a flat tire, but there is a brand new one now.

I did have time to think about the niche that I want my blog to fit into and it is definitely personal. I want to share my journeys with the world and document them for myself. I truly enjoy writing and hope to hone a skill through Boldwandering. I will touch on travel, food, and life with an over-excited border collie who lives under my couch, but most importantly I hope to have you step in my shoes. I am warning you now I have a lot of them.

My favorite poem growing up was The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost and I still hope that my road is the one less traveled by.

Its All About the Journey