Whose Dog is This?

I had a completely crazy Portlandia moment and I have decided to post about it.

My Adorable Dog

Today is an incredibly gloomy and cold day for Southern California. On days like this Oliver is usually pretty irritable and constantly wants to go outside. I think the gloom must unlock something in his Scottish bones, as for me I want to sit in my snuggie and catch up on some horrible reality television.

Oliver and I set out on a walk to the bank and because the grocery store is right around the corner I popped in to buy a Pepsi. I tied Oliver to the post by the door, where he happily laid down to people watch. I grab the drink and check out without having to wait in line. I am sure it wasn’t more than 5 minutes, but upon exiting the store Oliver was surrounded by 3 people. Our conversation went something like this:

Tall Lady: Oh you’re back, we thought he had been abandoned.

Me: Nope just grabbing a drink.

Man Kneeling to Check on Dog: Glad you are back we were about to call this in.

Me: I wasn’t even in the store 5 minutes.

(Tall Lady silently disappears. I think she realized how foolish she had been.)

Little Lady: You never know whats do happen.

Man: You have to be careful someone could steal your dog.

(Right. He waited with my dog, just to tell me someone could steal him).

Me: I guess I just won’t take him for walks anymore.

Man: Or you could take him into the store, that’s safer.

Me: You can’t take a dog into the grocery store. (Now you have proven you don’t own a dog, because you would know that crazy man.)

Man: Then yes you should leave him at home.

(Really? You are so concerned and then tell me its better to leave him home alone! Really?!? Man leaves. I try to leave, but little lady stops me. She wasn’t a little person, but I honestly felt like a giant next to her.)

Little Lady: You know, my friend have lots of dogs. So people leave sometimes. She saves dogs from behind Wal-mart. (Because the front of the grocery store is the same as the back of Wal-mart.) She have 6 dogs and her little baby Chihuahua get pregnant. She have 6 puppies, now she crazy. Too many dogs. People let their animals go, mostly I think Spanish people. (of which she seemed to be related)

Me: Well that’s not me. I just have one and I really like him.

Little Lady: Yes you dog is so beautiful.

So I left the parking lot feeling a little disgruntled. You can watch the Portlandia sketch Whose Dog Is This? and see where I am coming from.

I just wanted to get my dog out of the house and run an errand, instead I am now afraid that dog snatchers are out to steal my dog or at the very least set him free. What do you think were these people out of line or do you agree? I am looking for some feedback.


19 thoughts on “Whose Dog is This?

      1. Yes, I would be tempted! Only kidding, but I do think some of those people were hoping he was “abandoned.” If you’d been inside much longer, they might have been fighting over who would take him home.

  1. Yes definitely overreacting. Although I once had a similarish-yet-not-so-nuts discussion with one dog owner who left their dog in the sun in 30 C heat infront of a grocery store (for longer than only 5 minutes). I felt so bad for the poor dog that I ran home to get him some water. But had the dog had shade, it would’ve been fine.

  2. I think they were out of line. But at the same time I am always so nervous of leaving my dog at the door of a store. Even worse when you have pure bred dogs. You always hear horror stories of people stealing dogs like that in my city. I would die if my dogs were ever stolen. Cant imagine falling asleep without Esme.

  3. nice blog… people are nuts… your dog is adorable. my dog cici barks the whole time I am in a store so people usually leave us alone, but on occasion I have gotten a similar spiel. A few times they offered me money for her $1,000 and more… because she is Dalmatian/pit bull mix. of course, I declined knowing their intentions. they also wanted her babies, of course she is fixed. anyway, am rambling. back to the first sentence, people are nuts. LOL

  4. Someone really had a blog post about a dog being stolen at knife point, and I’ve heard of dogs being stolen from their own back yards. I guess it depends where you live.I love that pic of your dog.

  5. Wow. Their reactions were funny as they tried to giving weird comments about the dog’s safety, especially the man. Oh dont let your dog get stolen, I was planning to take it away one of these days. hehehe.
    Funny video btw 🙂

  6. Definitely an over-reaction on their part. People leave their dogs outside the shops here all the time, no-one bats an eyelid. He is cute though, so maybe someone might steal him one day.

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