Artillery to Frisbee

My goals for our most recent trip to San Francisco over the holidays were simple:

  • Quality Time with Family
  • Happy Tired Dog
  • Sight-seeing.

This was the second year we would visit Brien’s Aunt for Christmas and I was super excited to re-visit the Bay Area. She lives across the street from an amazing and giant park with a great off-leash area for pups. Happy Tired Dog check. My goal was to take Oliver out in the park long enough that he would sleep away the day and we could catch some more sights this time around. Aunt Maggie had an even better idea: Fort Funston. This park is a literal dog heaven.

Fort Funston
A beautiful dog sniffing his day away.

Rolling hills, no leash, and a strenuous hike down to the beach were exactly what Oliver needed. He loved the open space down on the beach and it was the perfect place for a good round of fetch. We were able to through the ball up the bluff and Oliver had a blast running half way up just to catch it. Aunt Mags was terrified he would fall right off the side.

Oliver fetching on the beach.

Today the barracks of Fort Funston provide a wonderful environmental education center for children, but in the 1900s it provided a home for the artillery of Battery Davis.

Battery DavisFort Funston is a must visit park in San Francisco. You can hike, play with your dog, hang glide off of 200 ft cliffs, and learn about conservation at its finest. For more information visit the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy site:


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