Brain Fried Friday

Today’s post is about hiking with your dog, but I have been trying to write it for the last 3 hours and I have erased more than I have written. Writers block has been horrible, so I figured if I did a little free form I might get the juices flowing.

I really enjoy getting out of the house and seeing the different outdoor places that Southern California has to offer.

Leo Carrillo State Park

and last but definitely not least

Wilacre Park
Great Parks

Please excuse the incredibly puffy hair. (Side note: you too can look this awesome if you have curly hair and cut it all off.)

The closest place to hike in my area is Wilacre Park off of Fryman and Laurel Canyon. It is a shady trail that levels off at The Tree People park and loops around through a residential area.

It starts pretty steep and the first few times, I thought I would need to lay down half way up the hill.

I am so in shape.

I usually drag a friend or two with me and we have a great time catching up while scoping the views. It is a great way to burn off calories for me and all that extra energy for Oliver. He also gets to socialize with all the other nice dogs we meet.

The best information on hiking Fryman or other areas in Los Angeles can be found at Modern Hiker. This is the type of post I wanted to provide today, but the juices just aren’t flowing.

A lot of my doggy adventures are inspired by dog blogger The Daily Toki. Toki and her owners take wonderful trips and provide awesome tips on gear and hiking safety. Toki has even taken a class on snake safety.

Thanks for sticking with me today and I promise a post that is off the charts on Monday. More like off the mainland, because we are going to Hawaii! By we, I mean all of you and I in the land of blogs. Happy Weekend!


6 thoughts on “Brain Fried Friday

  1. Bad hair? Someday curly will be in fashion once more. My wife has curly hair that frizzes in the rain and humidity. My daughter is perfectly straight like her dad. Each tries to strike a balance – straight or wavy.

  2. It’s been so long since I’ve visited California. My brother lives in Thousand Oaks and the rest of my relatives reside in the area of San Jose. These photos are exquisite, and they make me want to go and visit family

  3. Hi! Thanks for the shout out for The Daily Toki! I was taking a bit of a hiatus from blogging . . . but I’m back. It’s great to meet a fellow doggie adventurer!

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