Happy Christmas in July

So I’m visiting home in the Midwest and this morning I got to compliment my Mom’s on par decorating.

Me: So you did really well decorating for the holiday.

Mom: What?

Me: Christmas in July, you are totally ready for it.

Sweet Smelling Cones
Enjoy the scent of cinnamon all year long.

Mom: Oh, I like my pinecone basket. What you don’t like the deer?

Me: He’s cute, just a little off season.

with Pink Poinsettias
Notice that the Poinsettias are pink from sitting in the sun too long.

Mom: It was Bubbi’s.
(great make me feel guilty because it was my grandmother’s.)
And Tom’s Mom made the mouse.

Me: It has beady little eyes. I feel like she’s watching me pee.

Mom: Tom does too, he turns her to face the door.

Beady little eyes.
This family heirloom stares you down in the bathroom 24/7/365.

So my Mom has a problem totally removing decorations. On any given day growing up, we were usually supporting any American holiday, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, and there was always a plastic egg somewhere. It’s cool. She is just festive.

To celebrate this wintery holiday, I am on the hunt for some Great Lakes Brewery Christmas Ale. More later when we find it. Update: Its been 4 days and we are still on the hunt, I believe that we maybe out of luck and Santa is sitting on a beach somewhere laughing at us.


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