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Reliving My Girl 2

One of my favorite places to take visitors is the Le Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles.

You can find them in the outdoor park next to LACMA. The park even allows dogs on a leash so if you don’t want to leave your pooch at home while sight-seeing he can come along on this trip.

Who doesn’t want to recreate a scene from an iconic movie or its sequel? Interested in seeing the same sights that Vada Sultenfuss saw on her coming of age trip to the city of angels. You can start at the Tar Pits.

Metered parking surrounds the park and from the stench of Tar you can sniff your way to the Lake. It is a former asphalt mine filled with runoff water, bubbling gas, and tar that seeps its way to the Top. If the view isn’t enough, the museum has set up a great scene where a momma Mammoth fights for her life while her baby screams in agony and her mate lets it all happen. Every time I witness this heartbreaking scene the only thing running through my head is Dude all you have to do is pull on the chain attached to her leg. The museum has the mammoth attached to the side of lake.

If you are itching to see the bones of over 280 species found on the grounds take a peek at the Page museum. Admission is $5 for children (5-12) and $11 for Adults.

Want to make a day of it? Make plans to visit the collections at the LACMA, second Tuesday of the month is free. Don’t forget to explore the grounds and visit the¬†works by Rodin and Bourdelles¬† installed in the B. Gerald Cantor Sculpture Garden. Try picking out a nice grassy spot on the northwest end of the park (farthest from the tar smell) and have a picnic. You can find food trucks parked along the south side of the park on Wilshire most afternoons.

For more information check out :


La Brea Tar Pits & Page Museum

My Girl 2


Brain Fried Friday

Today’s post is about hiking with your dog, but I have been trying to write it for the last 3 hours and I have erased more than I have written. Writers block has been horrible, so I figured if I did a little free form I might get the juices flowing.

I really enjoy getting out of the house and seeing the different outdoor places that Southern California has to offer.

Leo Carrillo State Park

and last but definitely not least

Wilacre Park
Great Parks

Please excuse the incredibly puffy hair. (Side note: you too can look this awesome if you have curly hair and cut it all off.)

The closest place to hike in my area is Wilacre Park off of Fryman and Laurel Canyon. It is a shady trail that levels off at The Tree People park and loops around through a residential area.

It starts pretty steep and the first few times, I thought I would need to lay down half way up the hill.

I am so in shape.

I usually drag a friend or two with me and we have a great time catching up while scoping the views. It is a great way to burn off calories for me and all that extra energy for Oliver. He also gets to socialize with all the other nice dogs we meet.

The best information on hiking Fryman or other areas in Los Angeles can be found at Modern Hiker. This is the type of post I wanted to provide today, but the juices just aren’t flowing.

A lot of my doggy adventures are inspired by dog blogger The Daily Toki. Toki and her owners take wonderful trips and provide awesome tips on gear and hiking safety. Toki has even taken a class on snake safety.

Thanks for sticking with me today and I promise a post that is off the charts on Monday. More like off the mainland, because we are going to Hawaii! By we, I mean all of you and I in the land of blogs. Happy Weekend!

Maui, Hawaii: Captivated in Captivity

At the beginning of December I received a life changing text message.

Awesome Family: Would you be available to go with us to Hawaii at the end of the month?

Me: (panic attack, what do I do, this family is super nice and Hawaii Oh My God!, yes I can nanny for a week in Hawaii. Maybe I should say no, ahhh) Yes I would love too.

Oceanfront walk in WaileaThe arrangements were made and I would travel to Hawaii for the first time with an amazing family on my first travel nanny position. Nanny work is one of my many Jack-of-all-trade positions and traveling with families was something I had been dreaming about for the past 4 years.

I was so nervous about packing and carry on regulations, but a handy trip to the TSA website helped me out with all of my questions. The family had asked me to bring a few activities to do with the girls during down time and I was in need of some travel size everything. I packed card games that I bought from a dollar bin like crazy 8s, matching games, and old maid. I also picked up a foam craft kit that for $6 gave us the creativity to do make photos with the stickers or color whatever we wanted. The girls were super happy and since everything was under $10, I didn’t mind leaving them behind to make extra room for souvenirs.

This trip to Hawaii was more amazing than I could have imagined. I was constantly blown away by the food, the people, the beauty, and the weather. We stayed at the Fairmont Kea Lani in Wailea, Maui. The resort was ocean side with multiple pools and activities. One of my favorite things was a wonderful walking path that connected all of the resorts and condos along the Ocean. Whenever I had time off this walk is where I could be found.

I was on the Island for work and so most of my time was spent at the resort. The children were old enough to enjoy themselves in the pool or at the beach, but a little to young to go on adventures like the Road to Hana or a Luau. This trip peaked my interest enough about Hawaii, that I am dying to return all of the Islands and explore the beautiful culture on the land and its people.I often felt like I was looking through the window at unattainable land.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the entirety of this trip and what I did experience is beyond any price point that I could reach at this point in my life. I am truly grateful for this once in a lifetime opportunity. I did have one night off to myself and I used it to walk a few miles to the mall and have dinner. I treated myself to a Hawaiian must: the Mai Tai.

It was so sweet that I had trouble finishing the whole thing, but after dinner I experienced my favorite part of Hawaii. The night sky. I don’t have a fancy camera, so I was unable to take any wonderful photos of the sky but during arts and crafts I made a great sand art rendition. I laid on the beach in darkness, listening the waves, and staring at the sky for hours. The only thing better than staring at the night sky alone, would be staring at the night sky with my husband. Hawaiin Night Sky

There is something so tranquil about Hawaii, which is strange because you are basically on a mountain of death. I fell in love with the essence of Hawaii and I am looking for someone to help me bottle it, please contact me if you have any suggestions. I am currently dreaming about moving there temporarily and it has definitely been added to a list of must visit. I owe the hubby a trip for sure.

Happy Christmas in July

So I’m visiting home in the Midwest and this morning I got to compliment my Mom’s on par decorating.

Me: So you did really well decorating for the holiday.

Mom: What?

Me: Christmas in July, you are totally ready for it.

Sweet Smelling Cones
Enjoy the scent of cinnamon all year long.

Mom: Oh, I like my pinecone basket. What you don’t like the deer?

Me: He’s cute, just a little off season.

with Pink Poinsettias
Notice that the Poinsettias are pink from sitting in the sun too long.

Mom: It was Bubbi’s.
(great make me feel guilty because it was my grandmother’s.)
And Tom’s Mom made the mouse.

Me: It has beady little eyes. I feel like she’s watching me pee.

Mom: Tom does too, he turns her to face the door.

Beady little eyes.
This family heirloom stares you down in the bathroom 24/7/365.

So my Mom has a problem totally removing decorations. On any given day growing up, we were usually supporting any American holiday, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, and there was always a plastic egg somewhere. It’s cool. She is just festive.

To celebrate this wintery holiday, I am on the hunt for some Great Lakes Brewery Christmas Ale. More later when we find it. Update: Its been 4 days and we are still on the hunt, I believe that we maybe out of luck and Santa is sitting on a beach somewhere laughing at us.