Stumbling in and out of Adventure

I have played with the concept of writing a blog for years and could not come up with a clear concept until recently. I admit to being nerdy and doing a little research before jumping on deck, but I didn’t follow the tips I so readily devoured. I wasn’t ready with multiple backup posts and dove off the diving board before I had completed my starting game plan. My splash into blogging was more like a sloppy cannonball than a graceful swan dive. I quickly become overwhelmed by the work and the impending doom of failure.

Then the worse happened.

I missed a day. If I had followed my game plan I would have had a backup post to throw up, no big deal. Unfortunately, that was not the situation. My day became busier and busier and I decided to take a week off to recuperate and prepare some posts. Instead, I avoided wordpress like the plague. I was doing so well writing and creating a community that I couldn’t believe I let myself down. I kept telling myself its just a blog, who cares? I did. I was writing, being creative, getting know people, and learned a lot.

I may have gotten a flat tire, but there is a brand new one now.

I did have time to think about the niche that I want my blog to fit into and it is definitely personal. I want to share my journeys with the world and document them for myself. I truly enjoy writing and hope to hone a skill through Boldwandering. I will touch on travel, food, and life with an over-excited border collie who lives under my couch, but most importantly I hope to have you step in my shoes. I am warning you now I have a lot of them.

My favorite poem growing up was The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost and I still hope that my road is the one less traveled by.

Its All About the Journey


8 thoughts on “Stumbling in and out of Adventure

  1. Stuff happens!

    It’s so hard to create good content, daily. I often set goals for myself – just to keep myself creating and publishing posts. But when life gets in the way or gets hectic, it can be hard to keep up.

    I have a HUGE list of working posts. I just wish I could find the time to crank them all out, and to not just write them – but write them well.

    And fostering the community of those who share your journey takes time too. It’s time well spent and it’s good fun – but it’s still time.

    You’ll get in to a good work flow. Just try not to focus on the nuts and bolts so much, and don’t feel guilt-ridden. I keep finding myself making “sorry” posts (sorry it’s been a while, sorry I dropped off for a week, etc) – but people don’t want to read that and it’s not good to establish all of these apology blogs.

    Just roll with it girlie. You’re a good writer with a lot to share!

  2. I has similar grand ideas for regular posts and strategic game plans. And then nothing went as I intended. Ho hum.

    Nevermind. You’re out there living your adventures and experiences, and that will give you the things you want to write about. Once you get into the habit, it will start to come easier.

    I ccan’t wait to see where it takes you.


  3. We all do this blog journey for our own reasons and needs. For me, it was more important to post every day, even if all my shots were awful and my words seemed stupid, then to be good when I posted. That was my meditation. For others I follow…they will not post until they have polished everything to a brilliant sheen. As Sly put it so many years ago. “different strokes for different folks” and as Joseph Campbell put it: “Follow your bliss”.

    Thanks for visiting Quotidian Hudson and I will be back to watch your journey.

    1. Thank you so much. Some days I just stare at the computer and nothing will come out. I am trying to give myself space between posts until the writing seems like second nature. When I force a post I end up being very unhappy. It really isn’t a different journey for us all.

      I look forward to future visits to Quotidian Hudson.

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